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I have been studying herbs since the late 1980's while undergoing my BS in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After I graduated I moved to the PNW area and found an Herbalist Program at Highline Community College 1998/1999, under Karta Parkh Singh Kalsa. In 2002 I started my own business Herbal Elements and website where I make my own herbal products and write herbal, gardening and medicinal education. I recently founded Herbal Elements Academy where I can expand my classes online and launch my professional Herbalist Program.

Fall 2018

Class / Workshop Schedule Fall 2018

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We are currently working on the Certified Herbalist Program, 

The 1st Module available October 2018.

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Welcome to Herbal Elements Academy

We are an online institution committed to educate those who want to know more about using herbs responsibly for themselves and their family.

New for 2016, we are also providing a Certification Course for those who would like to become a professional Herbalist. I feel their is a great need for a holistic program that blends Science with Nature’s Elements- Energy, Intuition, Knowledge. Just because you read a book about herbs or know how to do a good google search, does not make you an herbalist!  I have been working with herbs for over 20 years, have education and experience and I find that I am continuously learning new things about herbs every day.

Knowledge can be a powerful thing, don’t let it be dangerous. Knowing which herbs to use, how and why is part of being a wise & responsible herbalist!  For further information about our Herbal Classes, Herbal Program, Chakra Connections, Organic Gardening and Ebooks, please search this site. We will be updating contents on a daily basis.

Thank you for your interest,

Kerri Bailey, Founder Herbal Elements Academy