Welcome to Herbal Elements Academy your online destination for Herbal, Botanical & Nature’s Education. Founded by Biologist & Herbalist, Kerri Bailey in 2016.  Our Online programs are purposely affordable for those who wish to help others and make this a better, more nature friendly world to live. Because of so much information on the internet, it is hard to tell at times what to believe is truth. After you have completed your coursework, you will be able to use
the tools of Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Anatomy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine to determine the best protocol for given situations.


For those that wish to become a professional Herbalist, either working for yourself or with other medical professionals.  The need for qualified Herbalists will explode in this country in the next decade, as the public revolts against the pharmaceutical industry, desperate for alternative methods of healing and wellness……

We are Committed to Provide you with Reliable & Accurate  Education on Herbal Medicine, Organic Gardening & Natural Healing Techniques.

Just because you have read an herb book or two doesn’t mean you are an herbalist. The internet cannot provide you with all the tools you need to help others.  An experienced guiding hand and a well planned curriculum is the first step. Experience is the second. These take time, and for those who are willing to do the time, read, study and do the lessons; your reward will be eventually revealed to you.

As we grow, we will be adding additional programs- Organic Gardening, Chakra & Energy Work with a variety of instructors
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Online Herbal & Natural Healing Education

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