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Herbal Medicine

2022 Herbalist Certification Program Dates & Times-Live on Zoom with Herbalist Kerri Bailey

Zoom Classes are Pacific Time Zone Live on Zoom. Explore this unique opportunity for hands on learning with a one-on-one experience. If you don't want to just be a number on a teaching platform with thousands of others, try my program where I educate and help guide you through your journey to become the Herbalist you were meant to be!

I developed this program to be flexible to fit your time with options to do online at your pace or a combination. There are "Office Hours" weekly for immediate or a one-on-one appointents to get your questions asnwered. There is also a Facebook group and Email me anytime: 

Options: Monday 6-8pm  or  Tuesday 3-5pm  or At Your Pace (take anytime)

Each Module costs $60 each, plus the test- Complete Cost = $1500 introductory price. Discover the Herbal Mentorship Program- earn discounts off Tution or Module Project Kits.  

How to Enroll: Purchase the First Module,then you will receive instructions email here for further details: 

  MODULE:            Date / Time          or            Date/ Time

Module 1- Monday Jan. 3rd 6-8pm    / Tuesday Jan. 4th  3-5pm 

Module 2- Monday Jan. 17th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Jan.  18th 3-5pm 

Module 3- Monday Jan. 31st 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Feb.  1st 3-5pm 

Module 4- Monday Feb. 14th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Feb.  15th 3-5pm 

Module 5- Monday Feb. 28th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Mar.  1st 3-5pm 

Module 6- Monday Mar. 14th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Mar.  15th 3-5pm

Module 7- Monday Mar. 28th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Mar.  29th 3-5pm

Module 8- Monday Apr. 11th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Apr.  12th 3-5pm 

Module 9- Monday Apr. 25th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Apr.  26th 3-5pm

Module 10- Monday May 9th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday May  10th 3-5pm 

Module 11- Monday May 23rd 6-8pm  / Tuesday May  24th 3-5pm 

Module 12- Monday Jun. 6th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Jun. 7th 3-5pm 

Module 13- Monday Jun. 20th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Jun. 21st 3-5pm 

Module 14- Monday Jul. 11th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Jul. 12th 3-5pm 

Module 15- Monday Jul. 25th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Jul. 26th 3-5pm 

Module 16- Monday Aug. 8th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Aug. 9th 3-5pm 

Module 17- Monday Aug. 22nd 6-8pm  / Tuesday Aug. 23rd 3-5pm 

Module 18- Monday Sept. 12th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Sept. 13th 3-5pm

Module 19- Monday Sept. 26th 6-8pm  / Tuesday Sept. 27th 3-5pm

Module 20- Monday Oct. 10th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Oct. 11th 3-5pm 

Module 21- Monday Oct. 24th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Oct. 25th 3-5pm 

Module 22- Monday Nov. 7th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Nov. 8th 3-5pm 

Module 23- Monday Nov. 21st 6-8pm  / Tuesday Nov. 22nd 3-5pm 

Module 24- Monday Dec. 12th 6-8pm  /  Tuesday Dec. 13th 3-5pm 

Take your Program. Live Online , At Your Pace or a Combination

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