Herbal Medicine

Proficient Online

Certified Herbalist Program

Certified Herbalist Program

Starts Jan. 2022

Online and on Zoom 

24 Modules 10 lessons each topics Include:

  • Herbal Therapies

  • Herbal Theory 

  • Herbal History

  • Herbalists- Past & Present

  • Botany

  • Plant BioChemistry

  • Herbal Nutrition

  • Materia Medica

  • Herbal Medicine





After You Recieve Your certificate,

other Programs are available to

continue in your success:

  • Herbal Business Consulting

  • Creating Your Own Product Line


What is an Herbalist?

Herbalists are Educated Professionals

They are educated through an established Herbalist Program from a college or univeristy- in person or online.

Herbalists are experts on the uses and precautions of all forms of herbs and herbal supplements  


Who are NOT Herbalists

Just because you have read a few books, and have an interest in herbs, that does not make you an "Herbalist"


Making some great lip balm or other personal care product does not make you an "Herbalist"


An expert in essential oils or other MLM herbal supplement company sales rep does not make you an "Herbalist"


Bloggers, Products Makers and others that want to be considered experts -

"a little bit of knowledge  can be very dangerous" 

That is why education as well as self study and actual experience working with herbs is so important. The internet is a wealth of really good and some really bad dis-information. Experience guidance from a mentor.