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  • How do I take an Online Class?
    Go to the Shop Page or scroll down to the "footer" where the shop is full of classes are listed when available. Click on the link to purchase the class. Some classes are available "live" through Zoom. Find the links under SPSCC and Pierce College, also on the home page
  • Are In-Person Classes Available?
    Yes, eventually, once Covid 19 is under control. They will be either at Pierce College in Puyallup, WA or SPSCC in Lacey, WA
  • How Do I Enroll in the Certified Herbalist Program?
    You Enroll by filling out the two forms- Why I Want to be an Herbalist and the Herbalist Enrollment Form. These are found under the Herbalist Program link. You then purchase the classes, one by one, in order until you finish the program, activities, projects and tests.
  • What is an Herbal Mentor? What is the Herbal Mentor Program?
    An Herbal Mentor is and educated, trusted advisor that helps students with hands-on experience either in-person or online. See the Herbal Mentorship Page for more details
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