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Kerri Bailey, BS CH

I have been working with Herbs and studying Botany since my late teens, (over 30 years) while attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Since graduating in 1992 with a BS in Biology I continued my studies in Herbal Medicine and Horticulture. In 1998-1999     I attended a Herbal Certification Course at Highline Community College,  studying under Ayuvedic Herbalist Karta Parkh Singh Khalsa.
  For 8 years (2010 - 2017) I was Staff Herbalist at Ubi's-Ubiquitous Journey aka Ubi's cafe-an Herb, Tea & Spice Shop in Tacoma, WA. I gained tremendous amount of experience creating custom blends for clients and developing my line of supplements, teas & tinctures.
  I started teaching in the late 1990's at Plant Nurseries, Community Centers and through Free University. In 2015 I began teaching at Pierce College, then added Highline and SPSCC Community Colleges. These classes are the bases of many of Herbal Elements Classes.
My plan was to develop online classes and eventually have the Certification Program at a physical location.
I hope to be your "herbal educator catalyst".
If You are interested in being an Herbal Apprentice please click here: 
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