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I have been teaching Gardening, Herbal & DIY classes at Pierce College- Puyallup, WA campus and online on Zoom since 2017.  Most classes are around $29 and last about 1.5 hours. They are currently available on Zoom only at this time, check out Winter 2022 schedule:


Winter 2022 Classes

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Planning by the Moon – Sat. Jan. 15th 11-12:30pm 

Winters’ Herbal Medicine Chest - Sat. Jan. 29th 11-12:30pm 

Indoor Gardening – Sat. Feb. 5th 11-12:30pm 

Pruning Your Landscape – Sat. Feb. 19th 11-12:30pm 

Chakra Workshop – Sat. Feb. 26th 11-12:30pm 

Lawn Envy - Sat. Mar. 12th 11-12:30pm 

Class Details

Planning by the Moon- Sat. Jan. 15th 11-12:30pm. We will learn about the beneficial moon cycles and how to plan the year 2022.  This helps us decide when to plant seeds, do gardening tasks and best times to harvest & prepare herbs. Class includes a handout & eBook. 


Winters’ Herbal Medicine Chest - Sat. Jan. 29th 11-12:30pm. Learn how to stock your herbal medicine chest this winter. We will examine the basics of herbology, and the seasonal use of herbs best used during cold winter months. Learn how to make simple remedies using these herbs as well as the basics of using essential oils and how to blend oils by choosing which ones go well together for desired results especially for winter. Class includes a handout and eBook.

Indoor Gardening – Sat. Feb. 5th 11-12:30pm - Discover the joys of indoor gardening. Did you know Houseplants actually clean the air inside your home? Learn how to keep your house plants healthy and happy using organic and natural pest control methods. We will also cover sprouting seeds for grazing on fresh greens all winter long as well as starting seeds indoors to get a jump start on spring. Class includes a handout and eBook. 

There is so much indoor gardening we can do during the winter that helps to beat the blues! Grow your own indoor microgreen garden, fresh sprouts on the countertop, seed starting that saves money and a crash course on growing & caring for houseplants. So much information and ideas packed into this class!  

Chakra  Workshop- Sat. Feb. 26th  11-12:30pm - Chakras are our bodies inner energy centers that help us function on all levels. When we activate our Chakras we help to heal emotional wounds and physical ailments, balance our circadian rhythm and enhance inner peace. Class includes a handout, Chakra Test and eBook.


Pruning Your Landscape - Sat. Feb. 19th 11-12:30pm - A fabulous landscape is not only well planted, it is properly groomed. Pruning is not only for the appearance, it can enhance the health of your trees, shrubs and perennials by decreasing risk from disease and insect damage. In this class you will learn basic techniques, tools and equipment, what times of the year to prune as well as how to dead head flowers for prolific blooms. We will have a shrub to practice on for demonstration purposes. Includes a handout and eBook.

This class will take the confusion out of your pruning chores. Once you know when, how and what to prune- at the proper times, you will achieve an amazing landscape! We will discuss how & when to prune trees, shrubs, fruits, canes, berries, vines, grasses, perennials as well as dead heading and dormant spraying. Bring your questions and images for the instructor if desired. 

Lawn Envy - Sat. Mar. 12th 11-12:30pm. You should never have “lawn envy” again after you have taken this class. We will cover organic & natural techniques, tricks and tips for you to have the lawn you desire with minimal effort- it’s all about timing. You will also learn which grass species thrive in the PNW; types of fertilizers and soil amendments to use; mowing, watering and over seeding vs. sod. Healthy lawns start with healthy soil! Includes a handout and Ebook. This class will take the confusion out of your lawn care chores. Once you know what grass needs are and then provide it at the proper times, you will achieve an amazing lawn that will create envy with your neighbors, or at least get them to tell you your secret. We will discuss natural lawn care and how to deal with common problems. Bring your questions and images for the instructor if desired.  

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