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Alternative Medicine

In-Person and Online




Herbalist Mentorship Program

  Herbalists in Training Mentorship program is designed for students to experience a “hands on approach” helping you learn at a more accelerated rate.  Your time working as an Herbalist Intern either in person or long distance / online may help you pay for portions of your program and/or herbs & herbal supplies.


 There are two levels, the first-

Herbal Aide- is a beginner emissary role. After perfecting this level you can then pass to the second level- Herbal Intern.

There is also a final level- Herbal Protégé for those that have completed (or near completion) the program and want to help build Herbal Elements Academy leading to paid herbalist positions.


    To be considered for this program, please fill out the following application, and you must be enrolled in Herbal Elements Certified Herbalist Program.   Click Here for more details.



Work Activities

Below you will find typical work activities and tasks associated with this occupation. Apprenticeship program sponsors may use these and/or other work activities tailored for their needs when building the On-the-Job Training component of their mentorship program.


  • Assist with producing various herbal products

  • Inventory items, herbs, and ingredients

  • Harvest & Dry Herbs and other Gardening Tasks

  • Assist with formulating recipes and blends

  • Packaging and labeling products

  • Office and other Clerical work.

  • Newsletter creator

  • School Admin Assistance

  • Research Current Science Updates

  • Blog Editing, Writing

  • May supervise or work with other Interns activities

  • Conduct Nutritional and Herbal Research

  • Social Media Posting, Creating Content and Scheduling


As your Mentor, I am your trusted and experienced advisor, we agree to the following 3 Rules:

1. We Respect Each Other’s Time. Each one of us has a valuable element- our time. We agree to respect each other’s time boundaries, adhere to deadlines, and communicate in a timely manner. I will set up times we can communication online or by email for questions and other assistance.

2. Personalized Mentorship. Your program will be unique to your situation, skill level, experience, and enthusiasm. This program is flexible allowing for our differing availabilities, schedule, talents, and individual needs.

3. We Sponsor & Support Each Other.

We help each other by building a network that supports each other in person and on social media & groups. Join Herbal Elements Academy Facebook Group (private group) and support their other social media. Embracing feedback in a positive manner is always our goal.  

Herbal Mentorship Program
Years of Herbal Experience - study & practice

Thanks for submitting! Please supply a Resume or Work Summary.Letter of Intent- Why Do You Want To Be Mentored.​You must also have to complete the forms on Herbalist Certification Page - Why You Want to Be an Herbalist, and the Herbal Certification Program Application

What is an Herbalist?

Herbalists are Educated Professionals

They are educated through an established Herbalist Program from a college or univeristy- in person or online.

Herbalists are experts on the uses and precautions of all forms of herbs and herbal supplements  


Who are NOT Herbalists

Just because you have read a few books, and have an interest in herbs, that does not make you an "Herbalist"


Making some great lip balm or other personal care product does not make you an "Herbalist"


An expert in essential oils or other MLM herbal supplement company sales rep does not make you an "Herbalist"


Bloggers, Products Makers and others that want to be considered experts -

"a little bit of knowledge  can be very dangerous" 

That is why education as well as self study and actual experience working with herbs is so important. The internet is a wealth of really good and some really bad dis-information. Experience guidance from a mentor.  

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